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Firasor - complete ERP solution for property operations

Organise your property operations with Firasor and increase efficiency!

Firasor software automatizes property maintenance and management operations and saves time and reduces manual work. Day to day processes will easy up and time saved can be used for serving customers and developing business. Firasor brings efficiency and increases end client satisfaction.


Firasor improves offer calculation with ready templates and enables to send offers to customers faster.

Offer calculation enables both the flexible and fixed type of works and creates the maintenance work template based on the approved offer automatically.

Service Management

Service Management

Site operations are supported by combined maintenance log, work ordering and building automation interfaces.

Firasor includes also a site based customisable invoicing rules based on work orders to enable automatic invoicing based on the maintenance contract.

Open APIs

Open APIs

Firasor system is built to support open integrations with other property and finance systems.

Customer experiences

Property maintenance Juhala

Firasor is the backbone of our operations, linking together almost all aspects of our operations. Firasor is a modern, development-oriented, agile and, best of all, ERP system that follows the customer’s wishes.

Property maintenance Jurvelin

For us the most important thing in Firasor is versatility. The program provides an opportunity for a comprehensive view of the customer base, quotation and contract phase, service maintenance and additional work billing management.

Firasor responds flexibly to our needs for software functionality and interfaces.

Easy to implement

1. Contact Sales

Our friendly sales team is supporting your company with all the steps in onboarding fast and efficiently.

2. Onboarding

We show you demonstration with our live system to identify the digitalisation benefits for your business.

3. Go Live

We set up the Firasor system for you fast and cost efficiently. You can focus on your business without considering if all invoicing is done, what are the performance metrics. Your satisfaction is our goal!

Firasor Oy - Modern Maintenance System!

Booking system
Firasor develops and maintains an ERP system tailored to the needs of property maintenance companies. The Firasor system is modular and provides all the key tools from offer calculation to invoicing.

The system facilitates the operations of property maintenance companies and we are constantly developing Firasor usability and bringing new features. In development, we listen to users and focus especially on those features that makes operations and management easier.

Firasor was founded in 2016 and we are fast growing Finnish software company with focus on creating modern intelligent software supporting open interfaces to other systems.

Cooperation with us is easy and the Firasor system has already built-in interfaces to several other systems.

Our team consists of customer-oriented software development, finance and marketing professionals and we are always open to new cooperation proposals.

Our subsidiary offers comprehensive and affordable invoicing and financial management software

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Sami Hänninen

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